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We offer some of the best professionally guided duck hunts in Southeast Texas.  Our seasoned guides will provide skill, knowledge and know how in order to make your Southeast Texas duck hunt as safe, productive and enjoyable as possible.  Fin & Fowl Outfitters manages their habitat specifically for waterfowl with protected roost areas and blind rotation to ensure low pressure and the ability to hold birds on our ranch.Morning duck hunts take place in coastal marsh ponds, freshwater marsh poinds, flooded rice fields, reservoirs and crawfish ponds.  Fin & Fowl Outfitters uses sunken pit blinds and conventional above ground blinds.  All of our blinds are first class.  There is no walking to duck blinds, our seasoned guides provide go devil boats or ATV’s to transport to and from the blinds.  We use only the finest quality decoys and gear available.  The species of ducks typically seen on our ranch include teal, mallards, gadwall, wigden, pintail and mottled ducks.



Southeast Texas Gulf Coast is the wintering grounds for thousands of migrating geese such as Snows, Specklebellies, Lessor Canadians, and Ross Geese.  Our goose hunting is done on the 25+ acres in the Anahuac, Chambers County Area.  These fields consist of rice, plowed ground and rye grass.  Fin & Fowl Outfitters provides the decoys such as Texas rags, shells, silhouettes, and kites.  Our spreads typically consist of 250 to 1,500 decoys.