Prime Territory

For an great hunting experience, Fin & Fowl Outfitters offers guided waterfowl hunting excursions. The diverse waterfowl population in Texas has flourished in recent years, and these resilient birds are plentiful offering a rewarding quarry for hunters across the state.

Our experienced guides and bird dogs will work with you to  give you all the opportunity you need to test your skills against some of nature’s most formidable winged game.

The diverse landscapes of the Upper Texas Coast provide the perfect habitat for these migratory birds, with their ability to thrive in everything from coastal marshes and prairies to lakes and river systems. Fin & Fowl Outfitters has exclusive access to thousands of acres of prime waterfowl hunting grounds. These private wetlands ensure that you will have ample opportunities to pursue these birds.

Our guided waterfowl hunts are customizable to suit hunters of all experience levels and preferences. Fin & Fowl Outfitters will provide first-class hunting blinds with transportation to and from the blind to ensure a productive and memorable hunt. The excitement of waterfowl diving into the decoys presents the waterfowler with the ultimate challenge. Our knowledgeable guides will customize the experience to your desires. Their deep understanding of waterfowl behavior, flight patterns, and migration cycles will increase your chances of sucess while providing insights into ethical hunting practices and responsible wildlife management.