Early Teal Season Hunts

The Best Teal Shooting Along the Gulf Coast

If you’re looking for a fast paced and intense teal hunting atmosphere, you’ve gone to the right place. Our early teal season hunts are typically 9 to 16 days with thousands of Blue-winged Teal encroaching on the flooded rice fields and marsh ponds.  In fact, migrational studies show that most Mexico-bound Mississippi and Central Flyaway blue-wings funnel through Southeast Texas that’s renown for being the foremost rice production region in Texas. This means that our hunters will witness the most impressive concentration of migrating Blue-winged Teal in their lifetime

The Teal Hunt

Blue-winged Teals are often in pairs or small groups on calm bodies of water. These blue-winged rice rockets like to hit the wayer early. We will teach you all the ins and outs on how to approach them and give you helpful pointers along the way.

Hunting Necessities

The temperature in September is hot! September along the Gulf Coast of Texas can average anywhere between 88°F (31°C) during the day to 73°F (23°C) at night. Needless to say, lightweight camo gear and mosquito spray is a necessity in the harsh environment.