Let Fin & Fowl Outfitters take you on an adventure beyond your wildest dreams. We will take you deep into the Texas marshlands in search of these monster reptiles. It simply doesn’t get any wilder than this! We hunt these gators using johnboats, airboats and six wheelers to reach the most remote and preferred habitat. You will go on a wild ride that begins at daybreak with an experienced alligator trapper who knows where the big ones are. 

Prior to your arrival our guides will have spent approximately 40 hours scouting the area for your trophy. Baited lines are set the evening before in areas where trophy alligators have been sighted. The gators feed at night and the lines are run at first light.  You will be the hunter as we approach the lines were the bait has been taken. The trapper will bring the thrashing gator to the surface for you to make the kill.

The Texas alligator season is tightly regulated. Only landowners can obtain a limited number of tags based on acreage. The season opens September 10th. This is truly a once in a lifetime adventure that will always be remembered. Call us today to book your hunt!


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